1. What is “macro script”?

Macro is a script that performs specific actions like reducing recoil (No recoil macro), No spread, fastswitch, rapidfire, full auto, etc. Scripts move your mouse cursor to make you hit same spot when shooting. Some macros also use keyboard to perform fast key actions.

2. Do they work on my mouse?

Our macro products actually works on all A4tech X7, Bloody and Sharkoon Fireglider series. Some products work on Logitech, for specific information please visit choosen product page.
“.amc” files are for A4tech x7, Bloody and Sharkoon Fireglider
“.bwp” and “.mgn” are only for bloody.
“.xml” format is only for Logitech

We are still working on solution to make this macros work on all mouse.

Again, please check desired product page to see if macro works on your mouse!

3. Are macros viruses-free?

Yes, they are.

4. Are .amc and .xml macros better then other?

Yes, these macros are the best, you can find on the internet a lot of “programs” or “autohotkeys” for games, but they are less accurate. Our macros are very good and they work as on the shown videos.

The purchase process

1.  Payment methods

At this moment you can pay by PayPal or by credit card. These are the most common and comfortable ways of paying.

2. PayPal does not work

If the PayPal system does not work properly, please use another browser or wait for few minutes.

3. Is it a single-time payment or do i have to pay monthly?

You have to pay only once for a certain macro package. Once you buy it, you have a license to it for unlimited time.

4. When do I get macros?

Please use your real e-mail adress and personal info. We will send the product to your e-mail after money will be received by us. You should get your macros within 5 minutes. If you don’t, please contact us with order number.

5. Where to pay?

If you already added products you want to card, please go to “cart” there you can complete your payment.
For more info please check “How To Buy” guide.


1. How to use/install macros?

Installing macros is really simple, you can find the whole instruction in “How To Install Macros” guide. You can also find a lot of tutorials on the internet.

2. Does mouse DPI change the way that macro works?

No, the DPI does not change the way that macro works. You can use any DPI you like.

3. Does screen resolution matters?

No, our macros are made to work on every resolution. But you should use settings that are recommended by us in game.

Other problems

1. I didn’t get an e-mail

  • Check your SPAM folder
  • Contact our Support to solve your problem

2. The macro is not that accurate as in the shown video

Please change your in-game settings for recommended by us.

3. Game dev changed recoil

Our scripts have a given date of creation, if there was an update, please check the product page to see if there is a new after-update date and buy again.

4. Macro does not work properly.

Go to settings in game and change “raw input” for ON/OFF and see on which it works better.

If you didn’t found the answer to your question, please contact our support: support@royal-coders.com


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