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Get Battlefield 1 Macro!

After many weeks of work we would like to present you Battlefield 1 all weapons NO RECOIL Macro package. Scripts are in “.amc” format, it means that they can work on A4tech x7, Bloody and Sharkoon mouse. Macros for No recoil, No spread, full auto, rapidfire and some extras. Macros do not access your game, they only move your mouse cursor.

Unlike other sites, we do not copy scripts from internet, they are all made by our own. That’s how we guarantee best video-like quality! Only from us 69 macros, you wont get that much from anywhere else! Remember that macros are illegal to use in game, they are intended only for testing purposes.

Weapons included:


M1903 experimental
Aggressive sniper (1 shot with snipe and 2 with pistol)


Lewis Gun Low Weight
Lewis Gun Optical
Lewis Gun Supression
Madsen MG Low Weight
Madsen MG Trench
Madsen MG Storm
M1909 Benét Optical
M1909 Benét Telescopic
M1909 Benét Storm
BAR M1918 Storm
BAR M1918 Telescopic
BAR M1918 Trench
MG15 N.A. Storm
MG15 N.A. Suppressive
MG15 N.A. Low Weight
Huot Automatic v1


Automatico M1918 Factory
Automatico M1918 Storm
Automatico M1918 Trench
Hellriegel 1915
MP18 Optical
MP18 Fatory
MP18 Experimental
M97 Trench Gun Hunter
M97 Trench Gun Backbored
M97 Trench Gun Sweeper
12g Automatic Hunter
12g Automatic Extended
12g Automatic Backbored
Model 10-A Factory
Model 10-A Hunter
Model 10-A Slug


M1907 SL Factory
M1907 SL Sweeper
M1907 SL Trench
Cei-Rigotti Factory
Cei-Rigotti Optical
Cei-Rigotti Trench
Mondragón Sniper
Mondragón Optical
Mondragón Storm
Selbstlader 1906
Selbstlader M1916 Factory
Selbstlader M1916 Optical
M1916 Marksman (4x)
Autoloading 8.35 Marksman
Autoloading 8.35 Factory
Autoloading 8.35 Extended


Steyr M1912
No. 3 Revolver
Auto revolver
Beretta M1915
Bodeo 1889
Borchard C93
Mle M1903
Mauser 1914
Mauser C96
Frommer Stop
Gasser M1870
1903 Hammerless
Howdah Pistol
P08 Pistol
Mars Automatic Pistol

Reload Weapon
Support and Assault macros works on left mouse button. It means that you have to put macro on other “special” button, to activate the macro you just have to press this “special” button, after you done this, just shoot with your normal Left Mouse Button. To deactivate macro, press “special” button again.
Scout, Pistol and Medic macros are key-workable, this means, that to use macro you have to press the button on which the macro is installed.

Battlefield 1 settings:

GstRender.FieldOfViewScaleADS 0
GstRender.FieldOfViewVertical 55.000000
(FOV 55)
If the macro does not work please put “RAW INPUT – OFF”

Works on: A4tech x7 series, Bloody series and sharkoon series

Macros are made for testing purposes. Do not use in game.

7 reviews for Battlefield 1 Macro

  1. Barbara Marquezz

    Very good product.
    Battlefield 1 ainda é um jogo muito bom.
    Compre este produto e volte ao jogo!

  2. Sheba Olej

    thanks, many weapons to choose from.

  3. WhyS0seriouSsS

    Great product for the price, waiting for bf 5 macro

  4. Cameron Doberspichler

    5/5 can’t recommend more.

  5. SmirnDom23

    Works great, for support it’s best

  6. PussiDestr0yer


  7. Otávio Barros

    bom produto

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