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PUBG LITE No Recoil Macro

We are pleased to realease our No Recoil Macro Package for Playerunknowns Battlegrounds LITE. Macro is a script that performs established actions e.g. No Recoil, No Spread, Bandage usage, etc. Macro helps to control recoil of weapons. The package contains Full Auto/single fire no recoils, 2x/4x double shot recoil compensation and “special action” scripts.

Macros are made by ourselves, we put a lot of work to make them the best as possible!

  • Our macros work on your mouse manufacturer software, so you don’t use any external program and it doesn’t interfere with the game. This mean that our macros are really the safest on the market. “Programs” from other sites can be detected very easily, despite what seller says.


Macro Description:

You will get best accuracy at 10-15 shots, we advise shooting with 5-12 shots sprays.

Please keep in mind, that game has randomized recoil.

Every name of macro is the weapon it should be used with.

Weapons included in package: M416, Vector, Scorpion, VSS, UZI, UMP-45, SCAR-L, QBZ,  M16A4, AKM, BERYL, GROZA, AUG, MK47 MUTANT

Scripts can be used either on “Singlefire” or “auto” – We advise using weapons on singlefire for best performance.

There are 2 special macros for 2x and 4x scope. If you want to use them, just put your weapon on singlefire and shoot with them. Two bullets will be fired with reduced recoil – this is great for long/middle range.

There is many quick-action scripts for e.g: AidKit usage, Bandage, Reload, Lean Right/Left.

Get your macro package now and enjoy testing it on polygon.

Advised Attachments: Angled foregrip, half grip, Flash Hider, Suppressor, Red dot/Holo/Canted sight, Extended/Quickdraw mags. 


Note: Macro was created on 19/12/2019 

Works on: *Logitech G mouse series (LGS), A4tech x7 series, Bloody series and Sharkoon Fireglider

Different mouse? Please visit our partner site for Any other mouse: VISIT PARTNER SITE

*Doesn’t work on Logitech G PRO and Logitech LIGHTSPEED G502 due to LGS software (non-wireless G502 works well)

Note: For installation visit: “How To Install Macros” guide.

In-game settings (default):


Macro is dedicated for testing purposes only. Do not use in game.

4 reviews for PUBG Lite No Recoil Macro Script

  1. Ivan Kalmidow

    Очень хороший продукт. У меня старый компьютер, и я иногда играю в PUBG Lite, и этот макрос не перегружает ваш компьютер

  2. CornyBorny

    Same as on video, great quality/price ratio

  3. Rav Ihno

    बहुत अच्छा उत्पाद है

  4. Christophe Lutzer

    I bought this macro for Beta and it works really good.

    Best weapon is AKM, it’s really powerful (as it uses 7.76) and with macro it has little to no recoil.

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