PUBG New Map – Vikendi

PUBG New Map – Vikendi

The resort island of vikendi has a classy harking back to sniper elite four, which is maximum obvious in towns inclusive of dobro mesto, which experience plenty greater fleshed out and congruent than the settlements that skip for towns on erangel and miramar.

Bluehole have described it as a six kilometre via six kilometre map, although it appears towards four via four. That said, the high wide variety of locations to drop-in to does make it experience less claustrophobic than sanhok, at the same time as remaining a lot much less mañana than miramar.

You have got simply over 4 minutes to tool up after hitting the floor, which is beneficiant for the size of map, but a smaller than common first circle to retreat to. But, the velocity of the encroaching blue sector isn’t always something like as punishing as on (say) miramar or erangel, and there may be simply enough cars to move round (in addition to fewer expanses of water growing barriers and pinch points).

Thereafter, the blue quarter shifts are quite manageable – not anything just like the go-u . S . Schlepps regularly required in pubg’s 3 different maps.

Footprints, tire marks and tracks from the new snowmobile all get left at the back of inside the snow, which should make for an exciting new dynamic, in particular in squad games wherein one squad is hell-bent on monitoring down and dispatching another squad.

It may also be viable to perceive capability targets from their breath as they crouch in cover. It’s another great touch.

The sound of footprints at the snow is crisp and convincing, and the howling wind also adds some other aural dynamic. But, it seemed strange that gamers could run around quite happily on a frozen lake with out a slipping and sliding, as one would possibly expect.

Also, there were a few locations at the map – inclusive of around the castle – in which players go away neither footprints nor tire prints within the region. Further, there have been one or two surprising graphical system faults. These will require tidying up earlier than vikendi is released on the principle server.

And, while there are a number of buildings frequently reproduced for the duration of the map – the copy-paste of store-bought property – this feels like it has been performed to a much lesser diploma on vikendi.

Some houses have mezzanine levels looking down onto dwelling rooms, which have to provide an interesting new manner to eviscerate noobs and other careless players. There also are a few very spacious, well adorned bathrooms to grasp-out in if it is how you like to bypass your time gambling pubg.

What about the new snowmobile?

Nicely, it’s a particularly easy to pressure vehicle – virtually more so than the dacia and higher managing than the uaz. A two-seater, it’s noisy however nippy and nicely-worth looking for. The dacia, meanwhile, seems like it handles better on snow than real roads, so it is perhaps quality to take this hideous 50-12 months-antique canine of a automobile across usa, in place of sticking to the road.

Different observations: there seems to be masses of healing objects, tommy weapons, uzis, 4-times scopes and -times scopes. However maybe fewer 8-times scopes, as well as kar-98s, mini-14s and skss.

There are also more vertical foregrips, that is welcome. The new g36c attack rifle, dropped-in in place of the scar-l, seems like a pass between ump-nine and qbz and is a fulfilling gun to use.

In phrases of the map, the only large eye-forehead raiser turned into the winery – yes, a vineyard. Pubg has made a large factor approximately the northerly area of vikendi and a winery is one of the locations you’ll least expect to locate on any such small island that looks as if it was based totally on a pass between (say) reykjavik and copenhagen. What seems like the vinyard is, in any case, ludicrously small.

The vineyard at the vikendi map in pubg

Perhaps the developers need to switch the vineyard out for a craft beer brewery or gin distillery, both of which would be simply the type of wanky accoutrement a ‘hotel’ island may more convincingly offer in 2019.

Additionally at the unconvincing aspect were a number of the visible belongings casually dropped in, for example, to the church in dobro mesto: the pews appear both some distance too few and too small for the size of building.

While we’re in dobro mesto, how is that every one the vehicles and plenty of other objects look like rusting because of old age, even as the cafe tables and chairs within the city square appear to be they were laid out yesterday?

Rusty vintage motors parked subsequent to incongruously vibrant new tables and chairs in dobro mesto

The rusty antique automobiles appear to be they’ve been there for years at the same time as the tables and chairs look like they were placed out this morning…

And what’s a huge cement works doing on this type of small island, too, and wherein are all the shops and supermarkets?

That stated, the cement works and a number of the cities dotted around the island need to make for extraordinarily satisfying duels between competing gamers and squads, specially in games that subsequently centre on such locations.

Every other excessive point is the fort, however one of the towers wherein the staircase spirals the wrong way: medieval castle stairs were designed in order that attackers had to assault upwards the use of their left hand, as opposed to their proper arms, placing most of them at a disadvantage.

Given its format, the castle would not appear to have been owned via the national believe, but it’s far a terrific area to nostril round, with masses of nooks and crannies to both discover and take the unwary through marvel.

Normal, vikendi looks as if it’ll be an super addition to pubg’s existing repertoire of maps. For my part, it is set to be the best but and one well worth returning to pubg for, for players who had grow to be upset with the game in the course of 2018 due to all the stressful system faults and no longer unjustified claims of cheating.

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