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Rogue Company No Recoil Macro Script

Rogue Company is an incoming 3rd person shooter. Latest rumors reveal, that the game might be a huge success. You can find many tactical elements combined with Rogue’s skills and shooting elements. The game is now in beta phase with limited access. Our new scripts are easy to use (instructions available on our site). No Recoil macros are compatible with all Logitech G series, Bloody, A4tech and sharkoon fireglider. A thing worth to mention is that our macro doesn’t interfere with game files.

Why our Rogue Company Macro?

Macro is a list of command that will perform specified actions. In this case macro will move cursor in given timeline – in order to compensate recoil. Scripts can also automate  shooting (single fire -> auto fire) and perform multi-key actions.  Macros are made by ourselves, we put a lot of effort to create highest quality scripts. 

For Logitech macro we implemented advanced recoil humanization to provide extra safety for our customers.
Every macro for this game is “soft” to prevent screen shakes – this feature is making your macros smooth, so even spectators won’t notice.

Our macros work on your mouse manufacturer software, so you don’t use any external program and it doesn’t interfere with the game. This mean that our macros are really the safest on the market. “Programs” from other sites can be detected very easily, despite what seller says.

Macros Included:

This package contains macros for tall Rogues, including: Anvil, Chaac, Dallas, Dima, Gl1tch, Lancer, Phantom, Ronin, Saint, Scorch, Talon, Trench, Vy.  We will also create new macros when new Rogues are released.

Weapons included: MLX MAW, D40-C, HRM30KS, KA30, LMP-X, HRM24S, Arren L2-12, SL-C, MLX MARK 4, Nightshade, Shotguns and more…
Our exclusive macros have two version, therefore they can work with Non-Upgraded and Upgraded weapons!

In-game settings are default. Here is a screenshot – just in case:

*Please note that game has small recoil randomization

Works on: A4tech x7 series, Bloody series, Sharkoon Fireglider and Logitech G series (with G-Hub and Logitech Gaming Software).
*Logitech macro has build-in advanced recoil humanization!
All macros in this package are very comfortable to use and work with left mouse button!

Note: For installation visit: “How To Install Macros” guide.

Macro is dedicated for testing purposes only. Do not use in game.

2 reviews for Rogue Company No Recoil Macro

  1. StephanieNotDaphne

    Juicy good macro!

  2. John Voller

    First review here 🙂

    Macro works really well with G502 and G-Hub and was easy to install. It took me about 2 minutes to set up everything.
    You will receive macro for every weapon in game, so you can play for favourite rogue.
    I usually play Dima or Ronin – AK works perfect with lua script.

    Preety much nothing to add, everything work exactly as advertised and shown on video!

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