The Finals 1.5 update recoil patterns


The 2024 update 1.5 for "The Finals" brings crucial changes, focusing on weapon mechanics and recoil patterns. This article gives an overview of the update. It explores the major changes. It also provides a detailed analysis of weapon modifications and the updated no recoil system. Finally, it discusses the impact on gameplay. Let's dive into the significant alterations of this strategic and dynamic competitive game!

A brief overview of The Finals 1.5 update:

The Finals update 1.5.0 is the first major update...

How to control recoil in The Finals

This blog post will provide some tips for controlling recoil in the thrilling game The Finals. Recoil control is a vital skill for any FPS player, as it allows to maintain control of their weapon's fire while aiming and shooting at their target. Recoil control involves understanding the gun's recoil pattern and learning to adjust your aim accordingly. This is achieved by anticipating the recoil pattern of each weapon and firing at the right times, as well as by learning...

How to get less recoil in MW3

Recoil is the kickback a weapon makes when fired. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), recoil matters a lot in the heat of battle. Combatants who are able to control recoil will have better success in getting kills. Here are some tips to help minimize recoil in MW3:

1. Weapon

When choosing a weapon for Modern Warfare 3, recoil is an important factor to consider. While recoil can be managed through aiming and other techniques, having a weapon with low-recoil...

How to control CS2 recoil

Counter-Strike 2 has been released this year. Many players waited for this, as previous version of CS has been released a long time ago, although for many years captivating gamers with its intense gameplay and strategic elements. One crucial skill that separates the casual players from the experts is understanding and mastering recoil control. In this guide, we'll explain how to control cs2 recoil and explore techniques to enhance your accuracy and precision in the game.

4 tips to...

How to get less recoil in PUBG – best sensitivity

In this article we will cover how to get less recoil in PUBG. PUBG is a few years old game, which still is in the top of online players charts. It's immersive gameplay makes the experience really fun for many people. But one of the hardest aspects of the game is the recoil control. Most of the weapons have really high recoil and without any counter movement, the bullets might go well above the enemy. This might be really frustrating,...

Best Mouse for No Recoil Macros – 2023 Ranking

Have you ever wondered what's the best mouse for no recoil macros?

Many of our customers ask us which mouse they should buy. There are many companies that sell mice which support macros. But not all of them can give you no recoil. Less advanced devices allow assignments of keyboard keys to mice buttons when the ones that we will recommend below show advancement on many levels.

What's the most popular company for gaming mouse?

Gaming mice are becoming more and more popular...

How to downgrade Logitech G HUB

If you are here, you probably updated your G HUB to the newest version or you bought a product which doesn't work on your G HUB. Unfortunately Logitech releases updates for G HUB which are often breaking some functions. On top of that, even if you disable automatic updates, the software tends to update itself sometimes. If you have an older mouse, you may use Logitech Gaming Software, which is currently not supported but was predecessor for G HUB. If...

How to get less recoil in MW2 – COD Modern Warfare 2

In this post we will discus how to reduce vertical and horizontal recoil in the newest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game. Controlling weapon recoil without any aids, using only your mouse movements might be a little tricky. Pro players play for many hours to practice and master muscle memory to perfectly compensate for the recoil. Still, the sprays are never ideal. It might be due to a mouse slip, inaccurate movement or due to randomness of the recoil....

PUBG New Map – Vikendi

The resort island of vikendi has a classy harking back to sniper elite four, which is maximum obvious in towns inclusive of dobro mesto, which experience plenty greater fleshed out and congruent than the settlements that skip for towns on erangel and miramar. Bluehole have described it as a six kilometre via six kilometre map, although it appears towards four via four. That said, the high wide variety of locations to drop-in to does make it experience less claustrophobic than sanhok,...

What is Macro?

What is Macro?

If you are reading this article, you probably wonder what we are selling, what is it for and how to use it. No worries, we can help you and answer these questions.

The recoil

Have you ever played a FPS? Yes - First Person Shooter. I guess you know it very well. When you shoot with a gun, there is some kind of movement and it's called recoil. When you shoot in real life, it's also...

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