How to install

Latest version of G Hub can be downloaded HERE!
For detailed installation video tutorial and guide on LUA macro editing please scroll down :)
    1. Open .zip folder that you received. Inside you will find .lua file. Create a new folder on your disk and copy .lua file from .zip to new folder.
    2. Enter profiles in G Hub and click “Scripting” in selected profile.
    3. Then click “Create a new lua script”.
    4. (Optional) You can change script name here:
    5. Delete three lines (present above) that were created automatically by G HUB
    6. There are two methods of importing .LUA file, Basic and Safe:
      • Basic: Open .lua file with notepad, copy all text from it (ctrl+a and ctrl+c) then paste it to G Hub console
      • Safe: In G Hub console you provide a path to .lua file on your Disk. To do so you have to write just one line:
        Example pattern:
        data = dofile[[Disk:\path\to\macro\macroName.lua]]
        Real example:
        data = dofile[[D:\FolderExample\apex_macro.lua]]
        In this case, file apex_macro.lua is located in folder called FolderExample on disk D.
        Example picture how it should look:
    7. Click “Script -> Save and run” (or CTRL + S). G Hub output console should give just 1 message “LOADED” or “Profile saved()” if there are no errors. You can go back to your profiles now.
    8. Go back to profiles click “Details” and “Set as presistent”


 Additional informations:

    1. Now when you press activation button (as assigned in .lua file) macro is activated. When you hold left mouse button cursor should move down.
    2. If you want to edit macros it depends on the method you choose before:
      • For Basic: Open G Hub script and assign G buttons to weapon names. E.g. Assign “8” to AKM if you want to activate AKM macro with mouse button G8
      • For Safe: Open .lua file with notepad, assign G buttons as axplained above, save .lua file. Open G Hub script and save it – it will read an edited .lua file again
    3. Important: In rare cases, if you experience errors in G Hub console after saving. Please carefully check all te steps above again. When errors still exist for e.g. (attempt to call a nil value (field ‘pow’)) you can download an Older version of G Hub which supports all functions. You can download it HERE!

Here is a detailed video tutorial for the steps above.

For older G Hub versions start from 2:50




If, after proper keyboard assignment, macros don’t work please consider downgrading G Hub version.


Razer Synapse 3 can be downloaded HERE!

Video tutorial has two parts:
Part 1. Importing .amc macros to Bloody 7 Software and side buttons assignment
Part 2. Assignment to Left Mouse Button (from 2:25) – very convinient to use
For tutorial you need Bloody mouse and Bloody 7 Software, it can be found HERE!


For tutorial you need OscarMouseEditor and mouse compatible with it


How to install Macros generated on our site:
iCUE 4 can be downloaded HERE!


How to assign macro to Left Mouse Button in iCUE 4:


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