How to install


  1. Enter profiles in G Hub and click “Scripting” in selected profile.Valorant macro Logitech script
  2. Then click “Create a new lua script”
  3. Click “Edit Script” on the bottom
  4. A script editor will open, click “Script -> Import” and select .lua file downloaded from our site.
    Note: If there is no “Import” button, just open script with notepad, copy it and paste to clear G Hub editor.
  5. Click “Script -> Save” (or CTRL + S) and close the window.
  6. Go into G Hub settings and set the default profile as persistent
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The first thing that you will need to make this macros work is programmable mouse, Bloody, A4tech X7, Sharkoon or Logitech (see below).

Instruction Step-by-Step for Bloody, A4tech X7, Sharkoon

1. Unpack .Zip folder

2. Copy purchased .amc files into mouse driver installation folder.

Bloody series:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloody6\Bloody6\Data\RES\English\ScriptsMacros\GunLib

OSCAR (A4tech X7):

C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCAR Editor X7\ScriptsMacros\English\MacroLibrary

Note: Don’t create extra folders.

3.  Now run the mouse driver (software) and click on “select a macro”, the files should appear automatically.

4. Press “Save/Apply” and after “OK”. The macros should be saved in your mouse.

Here is detailed video for step 2 and 3 for every mouse:

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