How to install

Select your macro version. Please check the product page, as not every product has every variant.



The first thing that you will need to make this macros work is programmable mouse, Bloody, A4tech X7, Sharkoon or Logitech (see below).

Instruction Step-by-Step for Bloody, A4tech X7, Sharkoon

1. Unpack .Zip folder

2. Copy purchased .amc files into mouse driver installation folder.

Bloody series:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bloody6\Bloody6\Data\RES\English\ScriptsMacros\GunLib

OSCAR (A4tech X7):

C:\Program Files (x86)\OSCAR Editor X7\ScriptsMacros\English\MacroLibrary

Note: Don’t create extra folders.

3.  Now run the mouse driver (software) and click on “select a macro”, the files should appear automatically.

4. Press “Save/Apply” and after “OK”. The macros should be saved in your mouse.

Here is detailed video for step 2 and 3 for every mouse:

.XML - Logitech Gaming Software

How to install macros on Logitech:

Fist, please check if choosen macros are compatibile with Logitech. They should be in .xml format. You can find the info about compatibility on desired product page.

  1. Installing profile and assigning macros to buttons (classic .xml)

2. If .xml macro is just script, please check instructions on product page.

.LUA - Logitech G HUB

  1. Enter profiles in G Hub and click “Scripting” in selected profile.Valorant macro Logitech script
  2. Then click “Create a new lua script”
  3. Click “Edit Script” on the bottom
  4. A script editor will open, click “Script -> Import” and select .lua file downloaded from our site.
  5. Click “Script -> Save” (or CTRL + S) and close the window.
  6. Go into G Hub settings and set the default profile as persistent

.LUA - Logitech Gaming Software


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