How to downgrade Logitech G HUB

How to downgrade Logitech G HUB

g hub downgrade download

If you are here, you probably updated your G HUB to the newest version or you bought a product which doesn’t work on your G HUB. Unfortunately Logitech releases updates for G HUB which are often breaking some functions. On top of that, even if you disable automatic updates, the software tends to update itself sometimes. If you have an older mouse, you may use Logitech Gaming Software, which is currently not supported but was predecessor for G HUB. If you have a new mouse or you just want to use G HUB, that is not an option. If you have error like this:

g hub downgrade

You should downgrade G HUB. To do so, follow these steps and you will now how to downgrade g hub:

  1. Save all scripts you have in G-HUB, as they might get removed!
  2. Uninstall G Hub
  3. Download the G Hub installer from the link below
  4. Install G Hub software from us
  5. Go to G HUB settings and disable auto updates
  6. Done!

This is tutorial on how to downgrade logitech G HUB. If you need help in installing G HUB macros, please check our how to install tutorial. You will find there detailed installation video tutorial and guide for lua macro editing. All our .lua macros can be found here.

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  • Ladan Reply

    You guys are genius, thank you!!

    13 October 2023 at 18:27
  • jaime castillo Reply

    support please install logitch super x lighting

    25 November 2022 at 22:19

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