The Division 2 No Recoil Macro

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Tom Clancy’s The Division No Recoil Macro

Test our new The Division 2 Macro. Easy to use (instructions available on our site) and up to date on release. Royal coders offers The Division 2 No Recoil Macro for Bloody, A4Tech X7, Sharkoon Fireglider and Logitech G series mice. Macro doesn’t interfere with the game files.


Macro in a general meaning is a command list for some kind of program to automate things. For us it means, that macro contains commands for mouse, so it knows how to move and when. E.g. when we know that the aiming point will go up by some value, we can stop that movement by automating a counter-movement by mouse in a macro script. It can also make a gun shoot faster, as we can set time values quicker than you would be able to click continuously. That makes macro a very handy tool. More info you can find here: What is Macro?.

Our macros works on your mouse manufacturer software, so you don’t use any external program and it doesn’t interfere with the game. This mean that our macros are really the safest on the market. “Programs” from other sites can be detected very easily, despite what seller says.



Macro package offers you recoil compensation scripts for following guns:

  • ACR
  • AUG
  • G36
  • LVOA-C
  • M4
  • M60
  • M249
  • MDR
  • MG5
  • P90
  • Ruthless
  • SIG 716
  • M1A
  • SMG-9
  • All single fire rifles works with SIG 716/M1A macro
  • Other assault rifles might work with one of the included macros


Works on: A4tech x7 series, Bloody series, Sharkoon Fireglider and *Logitech G series (LGS).

*Doesn’t work on Logitech G PRO and Logitech LIGHTSPEED G502 due to LGS software (non-wireless G502 works well)

Note: For installation visit: “How To Install Macros” guide.

.amc version:

Logitech version:

Macro is dedicated for testing purposes only. Do not use in game.

6 reviews for The Division 2 No Recoil Macro

  1. Yaga

    lifetime the macro?

    • admin

      Yes 🙂

  2. DontLookH3re

    Good product
    Bought from 2 different sites and this is wayyy better

  3. Sp3akerCore

    Can vouch for this site, helpful support and good products.
    Bought some macro by mistake and they exchanged it 😉

  4. SquirtM0nster_

    It’s preety good.
    There is not much recoil in game but macro still helps.

  5. SquareShak3r21

    High recommended.
    I have macro for PUBG and TD2 (botch logitech) work nice (no problems).
    Suport is like a friend also.

  6. Steve Walkowiak

    I’ve been waiting for this for almost 2 months. Finally.
    Already tested macro for AUG and G36 and they are very good. (Will recommend to friends if you can give coupon next time!)
    The whole transaction took about 3-4 minutes so it’s preety qucik.
    I give 9/10!

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