Macro is a script that performs specific actions like reducing recoil (No recoil macro), No spread, fastswitch, rapidfire, full auto, etc. Scripts move your mouse cursor to make you hit same spot when shooting. Some macros also use keyboard to perform fast key actions.

If script is set up correctly, macro is activated and cursor moves down when you hold left
mouse button ON DESKTOP, but your crosshair doesn’t move down in game, follow these steps:

0. Copy all your scripts which you have in G-Hub / LGS to other location (They might get removed)
1. Uninstall G Hub or LGS
2. Locate your Temp Files and delete all files (Windows key + R then search %Temp%)
3. Restart Your PC
4. Again locate your Temp Files and delete all files (Windows key + R then search %Temp%)
5. Reinstall G Hub or LGS (Can run instalator as Administrator)
6. Run G Hub / LGS AS Administrator
4. Add script back
5. Right click G Hub on desktop > Properties > Compatibility > Run this Program as Administrator

Enjoy macros working in game :)

Royal Coders Team

Most of our products work on Logitech G series, Razer, A4Tech X7, Bloody and Sharkoon Fireglider mouse. Some products support corsair mice. For specific information please visit product page.
“.amc” files are for A4tech x7, Bloody and Sharkoon Fireglider
“.xml” format is Razer mice compatible with Razer Synapse.
“.lua” format is for Logitech G series mouse in G HUB or Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)
“.cueprofile” files are for Corsair mice compatible with iCUE 4 or iCUE 3

Again, please check desired product page to see if macro works on your mouse!

Install tutorial can be found HERE.

For some details refer to product page.

No, the DPI does not change the way that macro works. You can use any DPI you like.

Please check that you use our recommended settings from the product page. Note that in some games, additional weapon attachments can change the recoil pattern, therefore making the macro less accurate. For more information refer to product page.


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  1. Please try to run GHUB as admin.
  2. If there are some errors in the G HUB script console, try to downgrade GHUB version. (CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL)
  3. If you have a wireless mouse, try to connect it via USB cable.
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